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Aromatic and medicinal plants, herbs as we commonly say, have and always have had a special place in our lives. Their history goes back to the beginning of civilization, and their use is associated with almost every field of human activity. We live in a country that is rich in flora species as well as great diversity in aromatic herbs. It is therefore not surprising that they play a central role in our ancient food culture which is based on nature. Our country also provides the ideal climate and soil conditions for the cultivation of most plants and herbs. Thus we decided to exploit this advantageous situation.

In recent years herbs have begun to regain the interest not only of ordinary people but also that of scientists. Scientists are interested in their healing abilities which had been identified by the ancient Greeks and acknowledged by many doctors through the ages. So we rediscover the Greek medicinal herbs, certainly not with the intention of replacing the doctor or medications they prescribe which should never be ignored, but with the desire to include them in our lives as part of a well-balanced diet.

The herbs are not a panacea and are meant to be consumed in moderation. Not everything labeled natural should be assumed as something completely safe. They should be used judiciously based on expert advice especially by children as well as those who may be pregnant and breastfeeding.

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