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Thalia, Petros, Euterpe. Three children, of simple farming parents, who did not have any attachment to their families land recently became emotionally attached to it. They began to develop ideas, dreams of perhaps turning their parents fields into something more relevant to today’s environmental and economic concerns to cultivate crops different from those their parents had cultivated for years. Aromatic plants and herbs caught their interest. In May 2013, they began cultivation of their initial crops. They planted 10 different varieties of crops in an area of 0,7 hectares. In May 2014 another 2 varieties were added.

In 2014, after the first harvest, Phytosophia Private Company was founded. The goal was to create a small but vertical production unit. Beginning with cultivation and continuing on to packaging and distribution. Every stage of production is overseen by the people of Phytosophia, who share the same passion for quality and the love of herbs. Emphasis is given on the best care of each crop and the meticulous application of the rules of organic farming. Each process is done by hand while machines intervene only when necessary. Thus, from the selection of the new plants to the packaging in the final stage, we have a clear and comprehensive picture of each and every product.

The people of Phytosophia:

Thalia Karafylli

Architect by profession, who has also worked in other artistic areas. In 2004, she decides to leave Athens and move back to Ammoudia Serron, her home town where she was born and educated. Her father is still working the land but cultivating conventional crops that have no future. She is intrigued by the tertiary sector and recognizes the need for change. After many discussions with her brother Peter they decide to take the challenge. She is responsible for all stages of production and designs the content of each product as well as its artistic presentation.

Petros Karafyllis

Engineer by profession, he contributes decisively in the optimization of the production process. Designs and creates small engineering solutions that ensure that the work done by hand (harvesting, drying, processing, packaging) is done in the most efficient way. As he is a lover of the technology, he is responsible for our presence in the world of internet.

Euterpe Karafylli

A former kindergarten teacher, she maintains a gift shop where she displays many of her own artistic creations in Athens. She designs and creates packaging for special gift arrangements with the products of Phytosophia.

Alexander Mitrof

The cultivation, harvesting, drying and processing of our products require hard work and dedication. His daily involvement in these areas help us realize our vision.

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8 Taste Olymp Awards 2016

Best packaging award 2014



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