Mix that combines the lemon scented lemon balm with the classic aroma of thyme and the freshness of lavender to give a special touch of flavor to grilled fish and salads.

Melissa(lemon balm)*
*of organic farming
Net weight:
25g / 0,88oz

Keep away from sunlight and humidity

How to use:

Use a small amount of the herbs. Rub them within the fingers before adding them to the food, so that they release their aromas


Lemon balm (melissa), lavender and thyme leaves and flowers in an aluminium jar, that protects them from external conditions. Do not forget that the enemy of dried herbs is the sun and humidity.

We preferred to pack the herbs in bulk rather than in bags, to avoid to submit them to intense treatment, that reduces their physical characteristics. The herbs are chopped into relatively large pieces and put in an aluminium jar, which protects them against external conditions. Do not forget that the sunlight and humidity can damage the dried herbs. So our packages contain an amount that can be consumed in reasonable time keeping the aromas, flavors and beneficial properties of the ingredients to the last gram. 

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