To all herbal tea blends created with our own formulas we gave names from the Greek civilization beginning with «φ», the greek letter for “f” or “ph”.

Phaethussa was a Nymph daughter of Sun


Ideal for a digestive tea thanks to its formula of herbs with beneficial properties for the stomach.

Melissa (lemon balm)*
St.John's wort*
*of organic farming
Net weight:
25g / 0,88oz

Keep away from sunlight and humidity


Make an infusion steeping in hot water a teaspoon of dry herbs per cup (approximately 1,5g). Cover to prevent the evaporation of the essential oils contained in herbs, and wait for 5-10 minutes. Strain and enjoy plain or with honey, hot or cold.

The time for the herbs to remane in hot water is indicative. Experiment to see how strong you like the taste. Generally as much time remain the herbs in the water the more bitter is the taste of the tea. If you want to be the tea stronger, prefer to use a higher quantity of the herbs.


A herbal tea blend of organic aromatic herbs from our own cultivation. Mixes of ingredients, aromas and flavors from the greek land based on our own original formulas, that give delight and beneficence to the organism thanks to their unique properties.

We preferred to pack the herbs in bulk rather than in bags, to avoid to submit them to intense treatment, that reduces their physical characteristics. The herbs are chopped into relatively large pieces and put in an aluminium jar, which protects them against external conditions. Do not forget that the sunlight and humidity can damage the dried herbs. So our packages contain an amount that can be consumed in reasonable time keeping the aromas, flavors and beneficial properties of the ingredients to the last gram. Use paper filters, metal filters or special tea pots and make the process of making your tea part of the pleasure. Enjoy flavors from the moment you open the jar to the last sip.

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