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Achillea millefolium L., (Asteraceae, Compositae)

Greek: Αχίλλεα Achillea.

The plant got this name because in mythology, Achilles used it to stop the blood when wounded by Hector. Also called chiliofyllo (thousnat of leaves)because of the many leaflets of its compound leaves.

It is a perennial plant, height 50-80 cm. The stem at the beginning consists of a rosette, which develops rhizomes and thus around sprouts other rosettes. End of May or later rosettes deployed flowering stems height 40-50 cm, which on top forms an corymb inflorescence, consisting of many small white flowers. Harvesting the aerial parts of the plant at the stage of flowering.

It contains flavonoids, tannins, coumarins and proazoulenio. It helps to maintain in good condition of blood vessels and is soothing the upper respiratory system.

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