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Rosmarinus Officinalis L., (Lamiaceae)

Greek: Dενδρολίβανο Dendrolivano

The greek name of the plant is a combination of the words tree and frankincense, while the Latin name means sea breezes. It was known to the Egyptians, the Greeks and Romans, who used it as an aromatic herb and for the wreaths of the winners of the games.

He belongs to the family Labiatae (Lamiaceae). It is an evergreen shrub spriggy, in height about 80-130 cm. It has woody stems and leathery sessile leaves. The flowers are blue-violet and attractive to bees (apiculture plant). The general plant’s flowering comes very early in spring and a second smaller in autumn, although one can see flowers in some shoots throughout the year. To be harvested in the starting stage of bloom.

Rosemary is an aromatic and medicinal plant. It is used in cooking and in food and in cosmetic industry. It is also an ornamental plant.

The leaves contain essential oil with flavonoids and phenolic acids (rosmarinic acid), and is used as an antioxidant in foods, such as preservation of meat.

Widespread component of Greek cuisine, used as a seasoning for soups, meats, seafood, fish.

In cosmetology used in preparations against hair loss, for the treatment of acne and skin diseases, in creams and shampoos.

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